Quebec has a strong food culture and places a high value on local, organic food and heritage seed varieties that are linked to Quebec’s rich history and identity. There is a very active community of seed savers and urban gardeners, as evidenced by the strong participation at Seedy Saturdays throughout the province. There are also a number of new seed companies and dynamic organic farms working to prioritize organic research and grow high quality organic seed as the great next step for local, sustainable food in the province.


This is where you’ll find information specific to the Quebec programming of The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security. To receive updates on program activities , including training events, funding opportunities, and more, please sign-up for the Quebec program newsletter by clicking here. This newsletter is distributed approximately once every two or three months and you always have the option to unsubscribe. Take a look at our newsletter archive here.


Hugo Martorell is the Regional Coordinator for the Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security for Quebec. You can reach Hugo by email at If you want to stay in touch, share pictures, promote events and meet a community of growers, breeders and foodies in Quebec, we invite you to join the Facebook Group Bien semer, bien manger avec Sème l’avenir.


-- Canadian Organic Variety Improvement (CANOVI): Join UBC and the CANOVI network to learn, trial and breed your own vegetables;
-- Wheat, Oat and Potato On-Farm Breeding: Learn and breed your own spring wheat, oats or potatoes on-farm;
-- Seed Hub at Senneville: Visit our demonstration plot in the West Island to learn about trialing, breeding and seed-saving;
-- Seedy Saturday and Seedy Sundays: Find an event near you at Seeds of Diversity 
-- Connect with other community seed projects through the Community Seed Network.
-- Seed to Table Events: Taste unique varieties and network with chefs and bakers;
-- Fall Organic Seed Growers Meeting: Learn and connect with other seed growers in Quebec.

For more information about other training opportunities with partner organizations contact the Regional Coordinator.

The Sectoral Development Program funded by the Canadian Partnership for Agriculture, an agreement signed between the governments of Canada and Quebec, is supporting two projects managed by SeedChange in Quebec (2019-2021). For more information, contact the Regional Coordinator.


Please note these resources are available in French.

-- AgriReseau Action Plans: Organic Seeds and Adapted Varieties in the provincial Grains Sector and Vegetable Sector
-- SeedChange Presentation: Variety Needs Assessment of Diversified Organic Farmers (2018)
-- SeedChange Presentation: Building a Stronger Seed System in Quebec for Organic and Ecological Vegetable Seeds (2018)
-- Co-op Agrobio Report: Trial and Varietal Development Report on Organic Flint Corn (2015).
-- Co-op Agrobio Presentation: Seed Saving and Selection of Open Pollinated Organic Corn (2018)
-- CETAB+ Report: Evaluation of PPB Potato Breeding Lines (2017)
-- CETAB+ Presentation : Evaluation of PPB Potato Breeding Lines (2017)
-- MAPAQ Report: Trial Results of Bush Bean Varieties (2018)
-- CETAB+ Presentation: Trial Results of Storage Carrot and Watermelon (2019-2020)

For more information about the seed sector and on-farm research, please visit our resources webpage.


-- Survey: Canadian Vegetable Seed Production Training Needs Assessment
-- Survey: Medium Scale Equipment Needs Assessment. [Available in French.] 
-- Informal Farmer Assessments on Seeds and Adapted Varieties (Archives RJME, 2013-2019). [Available in French.] 

For other tools and resources, please visit our training resources webpage.


-- Le Devoir, 13 mai 2017. Chronique de Lise Gobeil. Diversité des semences et approvisionnement local. [Available in French.] 
-- HRImag, 27 septembre 2017, Billet de Pierre-Alain Belpaire. « De la semence à l’assiette » : Un parcours encore trop compliqué. [Available in French.] 
-- La Terre de chez nous, Article de Josianne Desjardins. Le mentorat au services des nouveaux semenciers. [Available in French.]                                                         --L'info de la lièvre. 16 octobre 2019. Article de Murielle Yockell. Produire des grains 100 % biologiques, c'est possible. [Available in French.] 


There is a rich movement for good seed in Quebec. We work with farms and organizations across Quebec to implement our training, networking and applied research programs. We are particularly thankful to the community of gardeners, farmers and professionals who collaborate with us.

-- Arrivage [Gardiens de semences]
-- Association des marchés publics du Québec
-- Bishops University [Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems]
-- Boulangerie Automne
-- La Centrale Culinaire
-- Fleuron [Goût du grain]
-- Canadian Organic Growers [Organic Seed Vegetable E-Learning Course]
-- Centre de recherche sur les grains
-- Centre de transfert en agriculture biologique et de proximité
-- Community Seed Network | Réseau des semences communautaires
-- Coopérative pour l’agriculture de proximité et écologique
-- Coopérative agrobio du Québec
-- Coopérative biograins des Hautes Laurentides
-- Ferme Coopérative Tourne-sol
-- Organic Seed Alliance
-- McGill University [Pulse Breeding and Genetics Research Lab]
-- Ministère de l’agriculture, des pêcheries et de l’alimentation
-- Québec Vert [Les Exceptionnelles]
-- Récolte
-- Santropol Roulant
-- SeedLinked
-- Seeds of Diversity 
-- Union des producteurs agricoles
-- University of Wisconsin-Madison [Northern Organic Variety Improvement Collaborative, Seed to Kitchen Collaborative, Tomato Organic Management and Improvement]

For a full list of our partners and supporters in the region, please visit our acknowledgements webpage.