Who we are

The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security is building a movement for resilient seed systems across Canada. Working with farmers, seed producers, researchers, and partners from civil society, government and business, we are taking action to conserve and advance biodiversity, maintain public access to seed, deliver research and training programs on ecological seed production, and promote the wisdom and knowledge of farmers.


Farmers have been the stewards of seed biodiversity for centuries. We are working with farmers and other partners to build a diverse and resilient Canadian seed system by pursuing the following objectives:

  • To increase the quality, quantity and diversity of ecologically grown Canadian seed
  • To promote public access to seed
  • To facilitate information-sharing and collaboration among individuals and organizations committed to advancing an ecological and diverse seed system in Canada
  • To respect, advance, and promote the knowledge of farmers in seed and food production

Together we can build a seed system that provides a solid foundation for food security, climate resilience, and vibrant local communities.


  • We are field-based, guided by the knowledge and needs of farmers.
  • We are grounded in science.
  • We are solutions-oriented.
  • We focus on seed grown using ecological farming practices in Canada, to support the entire continuum of ecological farming.
  • We work locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.
  • We are committed to collaboration across sectors and geographies.
  • We aim for systemic change, and take a long-term approach.


  • 1,700 attended training events
  • 400 attended field days and webinars
  • 17 seed interns placed with mentors and trained in seed production
  • National Vegetable Seed Production curriculum developed and launched with Canadian Organic Growers
  • Organic Seed Market Study completed with Canada Organic Trade Association
  • Founding partner of Prairie Organic Grain Initiative
  • Launched BC Ec-Seed Co-op and Ontario Vegetable Seed Producers’ Network
  • Awarded 145 grants to farmers, seed savers, and those working in public seed collections
  • Expanded national participatory plant breeding program
  • 170 farmers engaged in breeding and trialing
  • Farmer-bred wheat lines show 9% higher yields and better nutrient content than reference cultivars
  • Hosted tasting events to build support for farmer varieties
  • Training manuals & open source software developed for community collections
  • 250% increase in community seed collections
  • Regional seed bank launched in Nova Scotia
  • Developed online “citizen scientist” database for national crop data
  • $3 million raised in matching funds
  • 90+ organizations involved
  • 10+ long term core partners
  • Inspired new seed program for the UK & Ireland