Atlantic Canada has some of the most vibrant Seedy Saturdays in the country, a strong network of ecological vegetable seed producers, and is home to the only organically bred, registered potato variety!

A well-respected, membership-based, and producer-focused organization, the Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network (ACORN) is the host for The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security.

For over fifteen years ACORN has been the voice of organics in Atlantic Canada. Working closely with partners from the four provinces, ACORN has established close relationships with producers and consumers all over the region who care about growing and eating healthful, sustainably produced food. ACORN’s seed work goes back many years and includes seed saving workshops, facilitating peer support and information exchange about seeds, hosting seed swaps, and incorporating seed education into its programming for young farmers.

Program activities in Atlantic Canada include a strong focus on training for seed producers, and creating supportive environments and tools for better farmer networking across community and provincial borders. Community seed collections are a thriving movement in Atlantic Canada which is also home to a regional seed bank founded in 2014 and managed in partnership by ACORN, Seeds of Diversity, Dalhousie Agriculture Campus, and a network of farmers in 4 provinces.

Stephanie Hughes is the Atlantic Canada Program Manager for The Bauta Family Initiative. You can reach her at Read more about the program in Atlantic Canada.