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Many good open-pollinated and heirloom varieties are not commercially available, are rare, or have varying quality. We hope to hear from growers in our networks about the crop varieties they cannot access. It’s possible that these varieties may be available from the Seeds of Diversity collection, which contains over 3,000 regionally adapted and rare seed varieties, or that there may be other ways that we can support this variety being grown in Canada. Thanks for taking the time to participate! We review submissions to this form in March and December. You can alert us to your submission at other times of year by contactng your Regional Coordinator.

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 WHY Seed Conservation?

We are experiencing a biodiversity crisis. In the last century we’ve lost 75 per cent of agricultural biodiversity, and only about 10 per cent of the remaining varieties are commercially available to farmers. Climate change is impacting agriculture, including increasingly unpredictable and extreme weather, soil degradation, and new pest and disease outbreaks. In order for farmers to be resilient, they need access to varieties -- old and new -- that can withstand climate change challenges. 

Conserving seed biodiversity is a critical strategy to mitigate the negative effects of climate change on agriculture. The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security supports hundreds of growers each season who steward their gardens and fields as living seed banks, protecting the precious biodiversity that we all rely on.


Regional Seed Conservation Programs

  • In British Columbia, check out the Citizen Seed Trials webpage and Facebook Group. This unique project -- ideal for beginner seed savers and patio gardeners -- brings growers of all scales into the seed conversation. 
  • In Ontario, the Vegetable Seed Producers Network has supported growers to scale up their production of selected varieties in order to supply high quality, bulk seed to farmers.
  • The Atlantic Canada Regional Seed Bank is supported by a Grow-out Program through which farmers conserve and adapt regional seed varieties.
  • Want to get involved? Contact the Regional Coordinator for your area to find out what projects and opportunities we offer. 

One of the founding partners of  The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security, Seeds of Diversity is Canada’s most prominent seed conservation organization. If you are a gardener, farmer, or advocate interested in saving seeds in Canada, check out Seeds of Diversity’s work and become a member!

SeedChange, formerly USC Canada, is a proud founding partner of this initiative which supports the community seed movement. If you want to connect with seed savers and gardeners, find or start a project in your community, or learn about seed saving, check out the Community Seed Network. Membership is free.