Breeding for Flavour and Colour in Beets

Date: July 29, 2021. Speakers: Solveig Hanson (Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm), and Mel Sylvestre (Grounded Acres Organic Farm, BC EcoSeed Co-op, and University of British Columbia)


Description: Solveig literally wrote the book (well, the dissertation) on table beet flavour. Rich, sweet, and earthy, beet flavour is in part determined by its levels of geosmin, which our guest has researched in detail. Join us to learn more about this work, the impact of geosmin and other flavour compounds in beet cultivar popularity, and learn how to select beets for flavour. This webinar is for farmers who love growing beets, those interested in on-farm beet breeding, and participants in the 2021 Citizen Seed Trials.