jim ternier

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In this episode, Hugo speaks with Jim Ternier, long-time proprietor of Prairie Garden Seeds and the largest private collection of cereal germplasm in the country. Jim has been gardening all his life. He began as a market gardener selling food before transitioning to growing and selling seeds, which for him represent the many stories of the people who introduced and grew them. Jim has a BA in Mathematics and served on the board of Seeds of Diversity for 10 years, including 2 years as Chair. Jim lives in Humboldt with his wife Marie-Louise and they have a daughter, Rachelle, who is transitioning into a leadership role in the company as Jim prepares to retire. In this beautiful conversation, Jim tells Hugo about his time abroad, the many seed stewards and collectors who’ve influenced him and the direction of his seed company, and why regional seed and the craft of seed stewardship matter.