Who we are

The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security, a program of SeedChange, is building a movement for resilient seed systems across Canada.


To create and support seed systems in Canada that promote agroecology
and food sovereignty, and are resilient in the face of climate change.


  • Increase the quality, quantity, and diversity of regionally grown, ecological seed
  • Preserve, improve, and breed new seed diversity
  • Support farmer leadership in seed conservation, production, and research
  • Advocate for policies that support resilient, farmer-led seed systems in Canada
  • Build a regionally driven, partnership-oriented national movement to advance seed system resilience


  • We focus on agroecological seed and farming systems. There is a growing consensus on the way forward to grow food and seed sustainably: agroecology. Farmers who practice  agroecology require seeds that will perform well in their farming systems. Our work focuses on filling this critically underserved need.
  • We embrace the leadership of farmers. As stewards of our food systems, farmers are highly impacted by seed diversity loss. Our work trusts their expertise and experience to lead the way.
  • We work in partnership. We work in partnership with mission-aligned non-profits, grassroots organizations, research institutions, and funding partners to solve problems collaboratively.
  • We advocate for food and seed sovereignty. We believe farmers have the right to access, grow, share, sell, trade, and enjoy the food and seed that sustains their livelihoods, and their communities, in ways that restore the ecological health of the planet.


We work with farmers and seed savers who employ agroecological farming practices and are interested in saving, producing, or developing varieties of grain and vegetable seed adapted for Canada’s diverse growing regions. The farm organizations we work with represent those who sell seed, vegetables, and/or grains to support their livelihoods. Working primarily with agroecological farmers positions us to help shape farmer-led seed systems that reflect their values and principles, and provides an opportunity to create seed system changes at a scale where those farmers will benefit. Seed systems connect many people and we believe everyone can play a role. For this reason we support our partners – Seeds of Diversity, the Community Seed Network, and some regional organizations – to run programs for community-focused (non-commercial) seed saving initiatives (e.g. seed libraries, seed sanctuaries).


  • Established a national research network of over 100 farmers and seed growers working on different participatory plant breeding and variety trialing projects across Canada annually
  • Expanded Seeds of Diversity’s seed collection from 1,471 historically significant seed samples in 2013 to over 7,000 and counting
  • Established Canada’s largest organic participatory plant breeding program on grains and potatoes in partnership with the University of Manitoba
  • Established Canada’s largest participatory plant breeding and variety trialing program on vegetables in partnership with the University of British Columbia
  • Developed comprehensive educational resources on organic and ecological seed production and plant breeding in Canada.
  • Organized over 800 training events attracting over 10,000 participants from farming communities across the country
    Co-created the Community Seed Network - an online platform where community seed initiatives may gather, share, and learn together.
  • Created Canada’s first bilingual podcast about ecological seed and seed stewards, SeedHeads/Les Semeurs