Who we are

The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security is building a movement for resilient seed systems across Canada. Collaborating with farmers, seed producers, researchers, and more than 100 partners from civil society, government and business, we are taking action to increase the quality, quantity, and diversity of ecological seed grown in Canada while honouring the wisdom of farmers.


To create and support Canadian seed systems that promote food security and are resilient in the face of climate change.


  • We embrace the leadership of farmers. Farmers are the stewards of our food system and are most impacted by seed diversity loss - our work puts them in the driver’s seat.
  • We are science-based. We combine the knowledge of farmers and researchers to create and adapt varieties for regional environments and sustainable farming practices.
  • We are leaders in sector-wide collaboration. We work with civil society organizations, research institutions, farmers, government, donors, and other partners to solve problems that cannot be addressed individually.
  • We focus on agro-ecological seed and farming systems. There is a growing consensus on the way forward to grow food (and seed) sustainably: agro-ecology.


Farmers have been the stewards of seed biodiversity for centuries. We are working with farmers and other partners to build a diverse and resilient Canadian seed system by pursuing the following objectives:

  • Increase the quality, quantity, and diversity of Canadian-grown ecological seed
  • Preserve, improve, and breed new Canadian seed diversity
  • Support farmer leadership in seed conservation, production, and research
  • Advocate for policies that support resilient farmer-led seed systems in Canada
  • Build a regionally-driven, partnership-oriented national movement to advance seed system resilience in Canada


Achieving resilience in seed systems is a complex goal, requiring action on many fronts simultaneously. In order to measure our program’s impacts over time, we developed six indicators of seed system resilience, with a vision statement for each. Since 2012, our team has been working to achieve meaningful progress in each of these indicator areas, moving our seed systems closer to realizing these visions.

To read more about developments in Canada’s seed system, and how you can help, please click here to explore our Call to Action Report