Telsing and Maxime

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In this episode, Steph chats with Telsing Andrews (formerly of Aster Lane Edibles, in Ontario) and Maxime Dufresne-Gagnon(Quebec). Long time friends and collaborators, they share a passion for working with uncommon and perennial plants and taking on big challenges in plant breeding. Tune in to learn more about what brought them together, the crop varieties they’ve come to love, and why democracy in plant breeding matters.





Telsing Andrews is a seed enthusiast and former owner of the seed house Aster Lane Edibles that developed and sold edible plants from calorie crops to perennials. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario and the wonders of the nature world never cease to amaze her.
Maxime was trained in horticulture at Montreal's Botanical garden school. He worked for four seasons on one of Canada's biggest green rooves at the Montreal convention center, with North America's largest kitchen, which led to close collaborations with renowned chefs and a developing passion for growing unusual edible plants. The growing and improving of rare and mostly perennial vegetables continued in the west island of Montreal at the Patchwork Garden with the help of SeedChange. Max's goal is to trial promising varieties and species and then share the results with seed producers so the public can benefit from its findings.