Executive Director,
Seeds of Diversity

Bob Wildfong has been saving seeds and teaching about food biodiversity for over 20 years. From apples to zucchini, he mixes science and storytelling to reveal the secret lives of seeds, plants, and pollinators. As Executive Director of Seeds of Diversity Canada, Bob helps connect seed savers from coast-to-coast to rescue endangered Canadian seeds and food plants, and to help develop markets for biodiverse food. Through Seeds of Diversity's Pollination Canada program, and as a steering member of the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign, he is helping to build a movement to preserve the native bees and pollinating insects that sustain our food and natural ecosystems. As the President of the Culinary Historians of Canada, Bob delights in telling stories that show how our food system has changed continuously throughout time, and that we can learn a lot about future food sustainability by remembering past lessons. He lives in Waterloo, Ontario, but enjoys visiting gardens and farms everywhere.

Seeds of Diversity is dedicated to the conservation, documentation, and use of public-domain, non-hybrid plants of Canadian significance. With its 1,300 members from coast-to-coast, Seeds of Diversity Canada grows, propagates, and distributes over 3,900 varieties of vegetables, fruit, grains, flowers, and herbs.