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Episode: #0

Steph and Hugo

Podcast hosts Steph Benoit and Hugo Martorell talk about what to expect for Season 1.
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Episode: #1

Bob Wildfong Part 1

Bob Wildfong talks about seed saving from the cucurbit family.
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Episode: #2

Bob Wildfong Part 2

Bob Wildfong talks about hand pollinating cucurbits.
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Episode: #3

Annie Richard

Annie Richard talks about selecting and breeding cucurbits.
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Episode: #4

Tiffany Traverse

Tiffany Traverse, of Fourth Sister Farm, talks about seed saving in northern BC.
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Episode: #5

Richard Favreau

Richard Favreau, of Ferme Val-aux-Vents, talks about his favourite seed projects.


SeedHeads is produced by The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security, a program of
SeedChange. Hosts: Steph Benoit (British Columbia), Hugo Martorell (Quebec).Production team: Steph Hughes (Nova Scotia),
Iris Vaisman (Alberta), Rebecca Ivanoff (Ontario), and Aabir Dey (Ontario). Sound Engineer: Nick Gaston (Nova Scotia).
Artwork: Jenna Kessler (Ontario). Transcripts: Tierra Stokes (Alberta) Translation: Julie Lanctot (Quebec)
Music: "Our Team", Tim Baker (Newfoundland).