Collaborative Variety Trials Results across Canada

January 2022 / Exact date to be confirmed

Speakers to be confirmed.

Description: As part of our CANOVI program, growers across Canada have been trialing, evaluating, and recording data on important crop varieties like carrots, red bell peppers, radicchio, and rutabaga. This has been the first project of its kind in Canada, creating a large network of agro-ecological growers who, together, are able to fill gaps in our knowledge about what these crops can do in their climates and with their farm practices. Join us for this session to talk about the findings from work done across Canada in 2021. This webinar is for everyone who has participated in the CANOVI program, farmers who are interested in doing on-farm variety trials and plant breeding, and market gardeners who want to learn more about which crop varieties will perform best in their regions.