Why seeds?

It is quite simple – without seed we do not have food. Virtually all the food we eat begins with the planting of a seed. Seeds are the beginning and the end of the agricultural cycle, the foundation of our food supply, and one of the best tools we have to adapt to climate change.

Globally, we have lost 75% of agricultural biodiversity in the last 100 years. Just when we need it the most, diversity is narrowing at alarming rates. 

Seeds are packets of potential: they are responsible for flavour, nutrition, colour, and shape of our food, but they are also responsible for how a plant takes up nutrients in the soil and responds to diseases, pests, and other stresses. 

Climate change is bringing new stresses to farmers’ fields. Preserving, improving, and creating seed diversity is one of the best ways we can help farmers adapt to, and mitigate, these changes. As Canada’s climates change, so too must our approach to food production, starting with seeds.