Seed Equipment

Date: March 23, 2022. Speakers: Thomas Seguin (La Ferme de l’Iserole, Atelier Paysan), David Catzel (Farm Folk City Folk), Mark Luterra (Winnow Wizard inventor/producer)


Cleaning seed is the process of removing small light seeds, field debris and other matter. It’s a key step to improve germination rates and overall quality of any given seed lot. Whether you are an artisanal or commercial seed grower, seed cleaning equipment can help reduce the amount of time and labour it takes. Finding equipment adapted to your scale can be a challenge! You may purchase seed equipment or adapt or build your own equipment for your specific purposes. In this session, David Catzel will speak about his experience operating the Mobile Seed Cleaner, Mark Luterra inventor of the Winnow Wizard will share information about this effective and versatile piece of equipment, and Thomas Seguin, an active member of a do-it-yourself farm equipment cooperative in France.

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