Date: March 30, 2022. Speakers: Dan Brisebois (Tourne-Sol Co-operative Farm), Stacey Denton (Flora), Eric Budzynski (Floret), with moderator Clara Qualizza (Meadow & Thicket Farm Flowers, The Sustainable Flowers Podcast)


Learn to successfully grow ecological flower seed from a panel of experts! Not only are flowers beautiful to humans and pollinators alike, but the cut flower sector is experiencing unprecedented growth. This has created a tremendous opportunity for ecological flower seed producers. However, there is a distinct lack of information on species-specific seed production, and how to produce quality flower seed. Growers are often stymied by the lack of information about the isolation requirements for different species, how to collect and clean the seed, and what to do about low and/or variable germination rates. This panel of experienced seed producers will teach participants how to grow ecological flower seed successfully. Image courtesy of Dan Brisebois.

Additional Resources

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