Mackenzie Applied Research Association, Fort Vermilion, Alberta

The University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Peno Creek Farm, Lamont County, Alberta








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Mackenzie Applied Research Association and the University of Alberta Demonstration Sites

In partnership with the University of Manitoba, the PPB program for wheat and oat supports farmers as early-generation plant breeders, selecting for varieties that are adapted to their regional climate and farm needs. Click here for more info. Farmer varieties showcased in the demonstration sites include:

Allison Squires and Cody Straza (Upland Organics), Charles Geddes, Frank and Marge Buekert (Woodland Organics), Gary Martens, George Wright (Castor River Farm), Hans Reinhardt-Entz, Ian Grossart (Howpark Farms), James Marfo and Samuel Peprah (Mackenzie Applied Research Association), Kate and Doug Storey, Keith Bamford, Lise Dubé, Marc and Anita Loiselle (Loiselle Organic Family Farm), Monty Sandor, Scott Chalmers, Stewart Wells, Terry and Monique Mireau (Cedar Lane Farm Authentic Foods), and Ward Middleton (Midmore Farms).

Peno Creek Farm Demonstration Site

Peno Creek Farm will be showcasing and evaluating rutabaga and heat-tolerant lettuce varieties for the Canada Organic Vegetable Improvement Project (CANOVI). These trials are showcasing Prairie seeds from No Coast Seeds, Wildrose Heritage Seed Company, and Sage Garden Greenhouses. To learn more about the CANOVI program, click here. Peno Creek Farm will also be showcasing a variety of regionally adapted seeds from A'Bunadh Seeds, Alberta Sweet Potatoes, Bright Bush Farm, Heritage Harvest Seed, Little Beau Seed Co., Moonglow Gardens, No Coast Seeds, Prairie Garden Seeds, and Wildrose Heritage Seed Company.