Atlantic Canada has some of the most vibrant Seedy Saturdays in the country, a strong network of ecological vegetable seed producers, and is home to the only organically bred, registered potato variety!

Program activities in Atlantic Canada include a strong focus on training for seed growers and creating supportive, region-wide networks for farmers engaged in this work. Community seed collections are a thriving movement in Atlantic Canada which is also home to a regional seed bank founded in 2014 and managed in partnership with Dalhousie Agriculture Campus, supported by a network of farmers in 4 provinces. Seed conservation and the preservation and celebration of regionally significant vegetable varieties is a theme of seed bank work, advanced through the region's well established seed bank grow-out program. 

ACORN hosted this program in Atlantic Canada from 2013 - 2018 and remains an important partner and collaborator in the region. Stephanie Hughes is the Atlantic Canada Program Manager for The Bauta Family Initiative. You can reach her at Read more about the program in Atlantic Canada.