PhD, Professor of Cropping Systems and Natural Systems Agriculture
University of Manitoba

Martin Entz is professor of Cropping Systems and Natural Systems Agriculture at the University of Manitoba, teaching at the diploma, degree and graduate levels. He was educated at the University of Manitoba and the University of Saskatchewan as well as Adelaide University in South Australia. Martin’s research focuses on ecologically-integrated farming systems. He leads the Glenlea Long-Term Rotation Study – Canada’s oldest organic vs conventional farming systems experiment, which celebrated 25 years in 2016. He is also founder of the U of M’s Natural Systems Agriculture program, which explores cropping systems based on processes found in nature — specifically the natural grassland ecosystem of prairie Canada. Martin also works on “soil restoration agronomy” projects. His lab currently supports the Canadian Foodgrains Bank in their conservation agriculture development work in Eastern Africa. Closer to home, Martin is part of Sustainable Canada Dialogues, a group of 60 Canadian scholars who propose evidence-based climate solutions and actions. Martin and his family enjoy their small farm, located near Libau, Manitoba.

The University of Manitoba is western Canada's oldest University. One of the university's strategic goals is to develop and support sustainable food production systems. The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Science's Natural Systems Agriculture program seeks to redesign farming systems based on a new set of ecological principles. Part of the work involves farmer participatory plant breeding - where farmers are empowered to make their own plant selections.