JUNE 18th, 2020
12:00 p.m. Pacific Time (3:00 pm Eastern time)
Hosted in partnership with Farm Folk City Folk’s Citizen Seed Trials project.
English only
Guest: Craig LeHoullier

JUNE 18th, 2020 I English only

Craig LeHoullier, aka “North Carolina Tomato Man” is the co-founder of the Dwarf Tomato Project and breeder behind the F3 Teensy family breeding population being trialed in the 2020 Citizen Seed Trial. This breeding population is the F3 generation from an initial cross of a Mexico Midget (indeterminate pimp tiny cherry) and a Summertime Greeen (dwarfing 1-pound green flesh) that has be selected for dwarfing plants, red-deep flesh and small fruit size. This webinar will go over basic tomato breeding biology, provide a background on the Dwarf Tomato Project and delve into what Citizen Seed Trial participants can expect in their 2020 trial tomato crop! There will be a Q & A period at the end with Craig, and CST participants are welcomed to stay past 1pm to ask further questions. Everyone is welcome to attend!