Policy Analyst

Christopher Kelly-Bisson (He/Him) is a Policy Analyst for The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security. He is a Ph.D. candidate studying Canadian political economy at the University of Ottawa. He has also completed an M.A. in Geography from Carleton University. Christopher's academic research looks into the phenomenon of farmland financialization in Ontario. He has also published critical perspectives on agrarian social movements and institutions in Canada. Christopher has also done research for Sustain Ontario, Just Food, and the National Farmers Union on the subject of farmland preservation. Christopher is a proud Franco-Ontarien whose family was one of the first to start farming in New France over 400 years ago. He continued his family's agrarian heritage when he co-founded Green's Creek Farm in 2014 in Ottawa, where he co-managed an organic, regionally-adapted vegetable seed breeding program. Christopher has been a dedicated seed saver ever since. He works out of the SeedChange office in Ottawa.